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SchoolLeader Suite

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SchoolLeader has become a proud member of the Procare Software® family of brands

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Management software built for running every aspect of your childcare center.

FrontDesk Manager

Take control of ALL your operational tasks for classrooms, waiting lists, family info, form tracking, and more!

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CheckPoint Station

Automatically track Student and Employee time for attendance based billing and payroll.

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BackOffice Manager

Automate the management of attendance and fee based billings with a full featured accounting solution.

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SafePass Biometrics

Use our many 3rd party Connectors to share and leverage your data to save time and increase productivity

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Kressa Software specializes in the design and development of business productivity software for the Childcare and Early Learning industry.  Our mission is to provide quality software that empowers businesses to reach their full potential.   SchoolLeader™, our premier Childcare Management System, has been powering schools around the world since 1996.


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