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SchoolLeader - Management Software for Child care, Day care, and Preschools

SchoolLeader® is an integrated suite of powerful products that is guaranteed to help you bring your childcare, daycare, or preschool to new heights of productivity and efficiency!

Take advantage of our competitively priced individual components shown below or purchase one of our integrated solutions and save even more.

All the power of SchoolLeader is contained in only a few tightly integrated products. There's no need to purchase dozens of add on features like with some other companies.

SchoolLeader! Unleash your school's potential.....

FrontDesk Manager - The primary management and operational tool in SchoolLeader. It provides you with all the tools you need to manage your school's daily operations.

Take full control of attendance tracking, automatic billing, manage accounts receivable, track immunization compliance, manage waiting lists, control classroom assignments, and much more. Front Desk Manager comes with over 150 reports as well as the ability to create your own.

Manage all of your everyday tasks easily and efficiently with FrontDesk Manager!

SchoolLeader - Management Software for Child care, Day care, and Preschools
CheckPoint Station

CheckPoint Station - Automate and gain control of your busy centers attendance tracking with this wonderful timesaver and organizer.

With an easy to use touch screen monitor (not included), you can allow your parents and employees to sign in and out themselves. Track Student and Employee attendance, automate attendance based billing, and improve communication with CheckPoint's builtin messaging capabilities.

Stop doing attendance the old fashion way. Use CheckPoint Station and make your attendance management problems go vanish!

SafePASS - Welcome to the 21st century of Access Control! This add-on product will allow you to control physical access to your schools using reliable finger scanning. Biometric identification is safe, secure, and impossible to fool.

No more keycards to handout and manage. No more constantly changing access codes to share with everyone.

Mount one of our fully integrated, effective, and easy to use finger scanners near one or more of your doors and make life easier for you, your employees, and your customers.

SchoolLeader - Management Software for Child care, Day care, and Preschools
SchoolLeader - Management Software for Child care, Day care, and Preschools

BackOffice Manager - Stop running around from location to location for site audits. Manage and audit your multi-site operations from one centralized location. Monitor the activity and accuracy of each schools operations without ever leaving your office.

Whether you operate 2 schools or 500 schools, BackOffice Manager offers you the tools to successfully take control of your operations from a centralized location.

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