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SchoolLeader® Management System works with most standard Microsoft Windows based PC's and some Intel based Apple Macintosh computers.  We support all current Windows Operating Systems, as well as past Windows versions which are still under official support from Microsoft.  Details on the specific OS versions supported is shown below.

Kressa Software is happy to provide advice on your purchasing decisions related to your hardware and OS, to ensure the best working environment for SchoolLeader.  However, we cannot provide technical support, or answer technical questions, about your hardware, ethernet, internet, or anything else besides SchoolLeader. 

If you plan to setup a multi-computer locally hosted SchoolLeader Server, ensure you have the proper individuals on your team with the knowledge and skills for such a task.


Hardware Requirements for all SchoolLeader products:

SchoolLeader® FrontDesk Manager works with most standard Microsoft Windows based PC's and some of the latest Apple Mac OS computers running Bootcamp.  Requirements are as follows:

Operating System

  • Runs a Windows 7 or greater Operating System (32bit or 64bit)
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows 8.x
    • Windows 10.x
    • ** Windows Server OS only supported under 'Magic Wand' support **
    Runs an Apple Mac with Bootcamp and Windows 7 or 8.x (64bit Only)


  • Minimum Processor Speed: 2Ghz (Intel or AMD)
  • Minimum RAM: 4 gigabytes for main server, 1 gigabytes for workstations
  • Minimum Hard Disk space: 5 gigabytes
  • Network: Cat5 wired Ethernet Connection (WIRELESS supported by not preferred)

Internet Bandwith Minimums

  • Locally Hosted Servers: Minimum 1mb up/down for support and software updates
  • SchoolLeader Cloud Services: Minimum 4mb up/down (AVAILABLE) for database access

  • NOTE: Stated minimum speeds refer to AVAILABLE/TESTED bandwidth not RATED bandwidth


Note About MAC OS: SchoolLeader is a Windows/Intel designed system.  However, you will find many options for Windows emulators on the market.   The ONLY method supported is the Apple provided "Bootcamp" solutions and products.  Visit the Apple Bootcamp website to learn more or  contact your Computer consultant.   


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