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SchoolLeader Childcare Management System can be purchased to own, or used on a subscription plan.  In addition, you can also chose to host the database locally, with your own computer/server, or use our convenient SchoolLeader Cloud Services.  

Use this handy pricing grid to find your preferred setup and pricing options.  Contact us to discuss details for your specific needs.

Licensing Type Hosting Type Pricing
Software Hosting Services Optional Support Extension Optional Offsite Backup
Purchase Local $1,695 N/A $245/yr $82/yr
Cloud $1,695 $25/mth* $245/yr Included
Subscribe Local $56/mth N/A Included $82/yr
Cloud $56/mth $25/mth* Included Included

Regardless of the package you choose, your SchoolLeader system is ready and capable of supporting multiple users simultaneously . There are no additional software or licensing fees required. You receive a flexible "Site" license with each purchase allowing you to use the product on an unlimited number of computers to support one database regardless of where it is hosted.

In addition, every startup includes our full featured Startup and Operational training classes at no additional cost. You will receive assistance from a personal trainer who will work with you to understand your unique business needs and then guide you throughout the initial configuration and data entry phases. 

Licensing Type

Purchase your SchoolLeader software to have an irrevocable licensed copy of the product indefinitely with no additional software costs.  The purchase price also include a 12 month warranty, as well as 12 months of unlimited support and software upgrades.  After that, you can chose to purchase additional 12 month extensions for continued and unlimited support, or, end support and upgrades, but continue to use the product indefinitely.    If you chose not to continue with a support plan, you can still obtain support on a per incident basis billed in 1 hour increments. 

Subscribe to SchoolLeader to reduce upfront costs and be able to use the software for a simple monthly fee which includes all usage, support, upgrades.  No need to purchase or pay any additional fees as long as you keep your subscription current. 


Hosting Type

Local hosting provides you with complete control of your data and database.  You install our database engine on YOUR equipment on YOUR premises at YOUR school location.  You can use a dedicated server or simply another computer on your network.  SchoolLeader does not require special hardware of software to function  The database is accessible to any other computers on your local network.  However, it will not be accessible over the internet for you to access remotely.  Also, you must maintain the server hardware, software, and database yourself.  Optional offsite backup services are available to keep your data safe and secure.

SchoolLeader Cloud hosting provides you with worry free computing because the server hardware maintenance, software updates, and database maintenance & backups, are all performed for you at our datacenters.  Nothing to worry about except installing the local app on your school PC's and maintaining internet access to connect with our datacenter.   As a bonus, every Cloud setup also includes a DataVault account for keeping up to 10 separate backup copies of your database at no extra charge. 


SchoolLeader - FrontDesk Manager Package

FrontDesk Manager is the main component of SchoolLeader and provides all the necessary functions necessary to take control of the day-to-day operations at your school. FrontDesk Manager gives you control of many aspect of your business, including:

  Families - Manage all Student & Guardian information
Classrooms- Track classroom assignments & enrollment
Waiting Lists - Track potential customers, pre-enrollments, and waiting lists
Promotions - Control age appropriate class assignments and promotions
Transportation - Manage outside school assignments and bus lists
Activities - Track enrollment and billing for special activities and field trips
Immunization - Manage records and compliance for immunizations
Required Forms - Track and manage compliance of signed forms on file
Meal Manager - Track and control meal counting and billing for subsidized students
Mail Merge & Form Letter Wizard - Produce mailing lists and form letters
Tasks & Event Manager - Be reminded of scheduled events and tasks
50 Reports and Graphs- Every report you will need to manage your operations

SchoolLeader - Accounting Manager

If you'd also like to control your income and expenses directly from within SchoolLeader, then we have the perfect solution! Our Accounting Manager provides you with all the tools for controlling every aspect of your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger. All of these components integrate perfectly with the FrontDesk manager tools to allow easy management of all your one-time, recurring, and attendance based billing. < face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=2>The Accounting Manager gives you control of all aspects of your cash flow, including:

  Accounts Receivable - Track and manage all aspects of incoming money
Accounts Payable - Track and manage all aspects of outgoing money
General Ledger - Track and report on overall income, expenses, budgets, and more
Subsidy and 3rd Party Billing - Manage split billings and 3rd party sponsorships
Vendors - Manage vendor lists and payment history
Recurring Fee Processing - Build schedules and billing cycles for recurring billings
Attendance Based Fee Processing - Automatically bill based on actual attendance
Late Payment Fee Processing - Manage and automatically bill for outstanding balances
Late Pickup Fee Processing - Automatically bill for unscheduled attendance or drop-in's
Bank Account & Deposits - Manage, control, and audit cash deposits with your bank
QuickBooks A/R and A/P Uploader - Send subledger summaries to Quickbooks
85 additional reports and graphs - Every report you will need to manage your cash flow

SchoolLeader - Attendance & CheckPoint Station

For those schools that wish to also automate the check-in and check-out for both students and employees then this is a great tool! Manage every aspects of time and attendance for your students and employees, including:


CheckPoint Station™ - Automate checkin with touchscreen simplicity
Signin Messaging - Send automatic messages when people sign in at CheckPoint
CheckPoint Monitoring - Monitor who is signing in and out in real-time
Classroom Ratio Management - Track classroom student/teacher ratios in real-time
Attendance Trend Analysis - Analyse and report on attendance patterns and trends
Attendance Tracker - Track, manage, and modify student or employee attendance
5 reports and graphs
- Every report you will need to manage time and attendance

SchoolLeader - Employee Manager

If you'd also like to manage and track information about your employees more easily, then our Employee Manager is for you. This tool offers additional features that allow you to manage many aspects of employee status including:


Employee Info- Keep track of contact numbers, addresses, photos, and more
Certifications - Monitor and track compliance for required certifications and renewals
Education - Document and track employee education and accreditations
Work Scheduler - Build work schedules more easily based on past attendance patterns
Attendance Reconciler - Automatically adjust work time to match original schedules
Wage Tracker - Manage and track wage history for each employee
Gross Pay Analyser - Report and analyse gross pay against classroom revenue
QuickBooks® Payroll Interface - Send time and attendance data directly to QuickBooks
15 additional reports and graphs - Every report you will need to manage employee data


Represents our base Cloud Service which includes 1gb of storage.
Standard LAN networking with a common TCP/IP protocol configuration required
Microsoft SQL Server® is the industry leading database engine used for reliable and stable business networking
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