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With SchoolLeader Cloud Services, your server database, backups, and processing -- are all provided by us from a secure, professional datacenter, and accessible to you from anywhere you have Internet access.  At the same time, your SchoolLeader software still run locally for fast performance.  It’s the best of both worlds, and gives you true anywhere-anytime access to your data with the full feature and power of a preinstalled app on your computer.   

Online Tools to verify current Cloud Services
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Local or Cloud Hosted.  Which is better?

It depends on your needs.  Your SchoolLeader software can be easily setup to access your database from a local "on-premise" database via your locations private network, or it can be accessed from a remote cloud database via the public Internet. Regardless of where you decide to physically locate the database, the user experience in SchoolLeader is the same.  Business functions, windows, options, etc., are all identical.

The difference is in maintenance and access of the database.  With your database in our Cloud Servers, your administrative responsibilities are gone, the need to buy expensive servers is gone, and you can access your data outside the confines of your physical location.   However, that easier experience and accessibility adds some costs to your SchoolLeader Support plan.  Only you can decide which is best for your business needs.

For an expanded discussion on feature comparisons, read this SCS Frequently Asked Question document.  It is also found in our Downloads section.

What does it include, and how much does it cost?

SchoolLeader Cloud Services is an optional ‘add on’ feature and pricing varies based on your purchase method and database size. For databases up to 1 gigabytes, the price is as low as $25/month.  Visit our Products-Pricing page to learn more or call us to discuss your needs.  

Regardless of the options you choose, all SCS accounts include:

No limit on the number of SchoolLeader workstations that can access your Cloud database. No “per seat” charges or usage charges. It’s a single flat monthly fee per school location.
Automatic Backup service included. You no longer need to worry about, or maintain, your own backups or keep offsite copies.
Enhanced DataVault account (a $119/yr value), at no additional cost, for maintaining up to ten (10) copies of your database. 
• Secure hosting of your server and database in a Microsoft “Azure” Data Center closest to your location. We maintain the health or your database and keep it optimally tuned for performance. 

Do I need special equipment to use SCS?

No.  SCS does not need special encryption devices like other Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.  To make it even better, using SCS will eliminate the need for you to purchase your own server, maintain your own database, and perform your own data backup and recovery tasks.  Since ther is no Server computer needed, it also eliminates the need to repair, upgrade, and replace expensive hardware.   So, you do NOT need extra equipment AND you can actually get rid of some existing equipment and chores!   Just think, no more corrupted or lost databases!   No more network or firewall issues!   No more expensive computer technicians to hire!  

But is my data safe on the web?

Absolutely!  Even though your database is on the web, it is safe and accessible only by YOU. With a special SchoolLeader “Cloud key” we provide, your data is fully encrypted and travels over a secured socket to prevent anyone from intercepting or spying on your data. Without possession of this special key, the data traveling over the internet is not accessible or readable.  Whether you are at work, at home, or on vacation, SchoolLeader and your database will be available to you, and only you. 

Where is my data actually located?

It depends on your school's primary location.  We are partnered with Microsoft to use one of the largest Cloud Server networks in the world.  We will be locating your server and database at a Microsoft Azure datacenter nearest to you.  This reduces the chance of internet problems between you and the Datacenter.  It also increases the chances that scheduled maintenance times (weekends and 0-dark-30 hours) will not conflict with your operations. 

For reliability, the entire datacenter is regularly backed up to another datacenter in the region to protect against catastrophic events.  Also, your specific database is constantly maintained in a triple mirrored state to prevent against local hardware failures.  Microsoft Azure datacenters have an uptime reliability rating consistently near 99.97%.  These are the same datacenters that host many of the Microsoft services you may already use, such as HotMail, Outlook 365, or XBOX online gaming. 

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