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The SchoolLeader DataVault™ Backup Service provides built-in, comprehensive data protection for versions of SchoolLeader FrontDesk Manager 9.1 or greater including our Professional and Enterprise Editions.

DataVault allows any SchoolLeader user to easily backup their database across the internet to our secure Backup Servers. You have a safe and reliable backup everytime with one click of the button.

So stop worrying about backups! No more need to deal with full disk drives® or taoes. No more forgetting to rotate backup disks off-site. Deploy secure off-site data protection through our fast, non-intrusive DataVault™ Backup Service.

Available with all versions of SchoolLeader v9.1 or greater
512 Kbits (or greater) Internet connection recommended
No limit on frequency or number of times you can backup
DataVault™ always keeps the last 14 days of backups available for recovery

$79 per year

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