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Now that you're up and running with SchoolLeader® how do you ensure everything continues to run smoothly? The answer is simple; SchoolLeader Support Plans .

If you're subscribing to SchoolLeader then everything you need for ongoing support is already available to you as part of the subscription plan. As a Schoolleader subscriber you are automatically enrolled in our Extended Support plan.

If you purchased your SchoolLeader system then you will want to consider your ongoing support choices after the 12 month warranty is complete. There are three options to help you meet your needs.

Standard Customer Support
We believe in a simple philosophy; "Once a customer, always a customer". That's why we provide FREE customer support for as long as you own our product. Did you forget how to use a certain feature? Are you looking for a specific report and just can't find it? No problem. Give us a call on our toll free support line and we'll help you through any question you have about the usage of SchoolLeader. There's no limit to how many times you can call us either. We're glad to help!

  Phone Support coverage (8am-6pm M-F EST) at (800) 858-8570
  Unlimited email support sent to
  Support for all questions pertaining to product features (24 hour response guarantee)
  Cost: FREE


Extended Customer Support, Warranty Coverage, and Software Upgrades
In addition to customer support questions covered above, this plan also covers "technical" questions regarding the operations of SchoolLeader, and extends the warranty to guarantee operability for an additional 12 months.

NOTE: This plan does not include any additional training, or assistance with reinstalling or moving SchoolLeader software to different computers. Formal training, and white-glove installation services, are only included with the initial purchase. After that, they can be obtained using our on-demand Magic Wand Support (see below)

Having problems starting SchoolLeader? Need assistance reinstalling due to a hardware problem? This plan is for you. It covers any possible technical problem you might have regarding the SchoolLeader software. If the problem turns out not being related to SchoolLeader -- such as networking issues -- we'll at least help you diagnose the problem so you can get quick and proper assistance elsewhere.

In addition to phone and email support, this plan also gives you 12 months of unlimited SchoolLeader WebUpdater™ for constant updates on fixes and enhancements.

  Phone Support coverage (8am-6pm M-F EST) at (800) 858-8570
  Unlimited email support sent to
  Priority response within 60 minutes or less
  Quarterly newsletters with free tips and news about SchoolLeader
  Unlimited software upgrades and product warranty

COST: (Varies by plan - See Pricing page)


Magic-Wand™ Support
This is an add-on service for Standard or Extended Support customers and is purchased on an "as needed" basis. This plan offers priority support for incidents that are urgent and/or not covered by other plans. The Magic-Wand can be used to have SchoolLeader representatives perform tasks otherwise not covered, such as;

  Installing Microsoft Windows Updates for you
  Reinstallation or movement SchoolLeader software
  After hours support
  Analyzing data concerns (e.g. account balance questions)
  impromptu or formal training for a refresher or a new staff member
  and more...

How does it work?

  Phone Support coverage (8am-6pm EST - 7 days per week) at (800) 858-8570
  Per incident based and purchased on "as needed" basis
  No restriction on type of question including subjects excluded by other Technical Support plans
  COST: $85/hr / M-F 8am-6pm - $125/hr / Weekends and after-hours

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