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BackOffice Manager Benefits

BackOffice Manager is the perfect complement to the SchoolLeader FrontDesk suite of products for the management of your multi-site operations. This combination of software products offers a complete solution for both the individual school/center and the headquarters staff.   Spend less time traveling from school to school conducting audits on revenue and policy compliance.  Log into your personalized BackOffice Manager from the internet, and help your school reach its full potential!

Product Details

BackOffice Manager is a central tool designed for multisite operators who want easy access to vital statistics for auditing purposes.  Information in BackOffice Manager is summarized and consolidated for easy viewing and monitoring.   View data online or generate reports and graphs to remotely monitor your school's activity.  Whether you operate two schools or 500 schools, BackOffice Manager offers you the tools to successfully manage your operations from a centralized location.   Perform business tasks such as;

  • Run revenue analysis reports
  • View fee tables
  • Track attendance
  • Review compliance results
  • Identify goal shortfalls
  • Monitor event logs
  • Evaluate labor costs
  • Project future trends
  • and more…




Kressa Software specializes in the design and development of business productivity software for the Childcare and Early Learning industry.  Our mission is to provide quality software that empowers businesses to reach their full potential.   SchoolLeader™, our premier Childcare Management System, has been powering schools around the world since 1996.


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