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About SchoolLeader Cloud Services

With SchoolLeader Cloud Services, your server database, backups, and processing -- are all provided by us from a secure, professional datacenter, and accessible to you from anywhere you have Internet access.  At the same time, your SchoolLeader software still run locally for fast performance.  It’s the best of both worlds, and gives you true anywhere-anytime access to your data with the full feature and power of a preinstalled app on your computer.

Local or Cloud Hosted.  Which is better?

It depends on your needs.  Your SchoolLeader software can be easily setup to access your database from a local "on-premise" database via your locations private network, or it can be accessed from a remote cloud database via the public Internet. Regardless of where you decide to physically locate the database, the user experience in SchoolLeader is the same.  Business functions, windows, options, etc., are all identical.


The difference is in maintenance and access of the database.  With your database in our Cloud Servers, your administrative responsibilities are gone, the need to buy expensive servers is gone, and you can access your data outside the confines of your physical location.   However, that easier experience and accessibility adds some costs to your SchoolLeader Support plan.  Only you can decide which is best for your business needs.


Kressa Software specializes in the design and development of business productivity software for the Childcare and Early Learning industry.  Our mission is to provide quality software that empowers businesses to reach their full potential.   SchoolLeader™, our premier Childcare Management System, has been powering schools around the world since 1996.


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