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DBSupport is an administrative tool used to maintain the health and security of your SchoolLeader system.  It is part of the SchoolLeader suite of products and is available to all who purchase SchoolLeader.  It provides you with an array of valuable functions including:

  • Logon Control – to assign userids with rights and permission to control who can access specific features and data.
  • Archiving and Purging – to help keep your system running optimally by eliminating unneeded or obsolete data.   Keeping your database clean and optimal helps ensure your processes are running smoothly.
  • Event Logs – to set rules for keeping track of who is logged on and what tasks they are performing.  If you ever question why something was changed, deleted, etc., the event logs can help you track down the answers.
  • Database Backups –to define the rules for how backups are performed.  This ensures your data is safe and secure.  Note: Not needed for our Cloud based customers.  Cloud databases are maintained and backed up automatically for you.

Benefits of DB Support

Keeping your system running optimal is critical of any computerized system, and helps ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.  With the maintenance features built directly into SchoolLeader, and this DBSupport tool, you can be assured your system will continually run smooth and secure with minimal effort on your part.


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