FrontDesk Manager

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FrontDesk Manager is your primary tool in the SchoolLeader Suite to manage the daily operations of your Preschool.   It allows you control all the vital information and processes related to all these key areas:


• Students

• Guardians

• Employees

• Student and Guardian Relationships

• Immunization Tracking

• Waiting Lists

• Classrooms

• Activities/Field Trips

• Accounts Receivable and Billing

• Deposit Management

• and more….

Benefits of FrontDesk Manager

Information management is vital to your business.  FrontDesk Manager is your solution for taking full control and efficiently managing all this critical data for your growing school.   Billing issues?  Student/teacher ratio problems? Get automatic alerts to manage and keep track of it all in real-time!  With FrontDesk Manager, you'll have all this vital information at your fingertips, and all the tools to manage and report on it so you can make quick and effective decisions to help your business reach its full potential.


Kressa Software specializes in the design and development of business productivity software for the Childcare and Early Learning industry.  Our mission is to provide quality software that empowers businesses to reach their full potential.   SchoolLeader™, our premier Childcare Management System, has been powering schools around the world since 1996.


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