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For the ultimate in payment convenience for both you and your customers, SchoolLeader offers a customizable Parent Web-portal. This is a unique and private portal dedicated just to your school with a private address based on your business name (e.g.

The best part? The portal is FREE for you and your parents to use for online bill pay when your database is hosted by us.


And not only does this portal offer your parents convenient bill payment, but they also have access to emergency contact information on file, student relationships to authorized adults (friends and family), ability to view and email statements and payment history to themselves, review attendance activity, and much more!


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Benefits of the Web Portal

The SchoolLeader Parent Portal is a web based tool that runs on ANY browser on ANY computer, even small screen phones!   This is a great benefit for your parents to stay more connected with their students.


But it doesn’t only benefit them.  Allowing parents to see contact and student information, gives them the power to monitor and manage this data.  Even make changes for phone numbers, addresses, etc., if you allow it.  This saves you and your staff TIME, as this type of information changes often.


Also, since they can monitor account detail and make payments, the amount of time your staff spends doing this will drop significantly.  Save time and make your customers happier!


Kressa Software specializes in the design and development of business productivity software for the Childcare and Early Learning industry.  Our mission is to provide quality software that empowers businesses to reach their full potential.   SchoolLeader™, our premier Childcare Management System, has been powering schools around the world since 1996.


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