SafePass Biometrics

Product Details

SafePASS is an add-on product that works seamlessly with FrontDesk Manager to provide perimeter security to your exterior doors.  These door Controllers are miniature biometric computers that communicate with your SchoolLeader server and your local door latch at the same time.  In the blink of an eye they will scan a finger, analyze it against up to 1,500 previously registered finger templates, and then control your existing door latch to instantly grant or deny access based on rules defined within SchoolLeader.   SafePASS can be configured to control access for individuals, groups such as Employees vs Parents, and even restrict access by time of day.  SafePASS is a way to give your school a real level of security and make it easier to manage at the same time.

SafePass Benefits

SafePASS is your automated door monitor to make managing access to the school easier and more secure.  It’s great for controlling side and back doors leading to playgrounds and employee areas.  Unlike other door access methods, "Biometric" finger identification is safe, secure, and impossible to fool. No more key-cards for you to handout and manage with your parents and employees. No more constantly changing and insecure access codes that must be shared with everyone.


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